Our Vision

Mission Goals

Protection of Children: Since protection of children is the primary goal of Tranquilidad Foundation, staff will undergo a pre-employment criminal and psychological screening as well as be required to attend parenting and abuse prevention classes.

Homes: The initial home will house up to 16 children.  Ultimately, Tranquilidad Foundation desires to build duplex style homes to provide care for groups of 6-8 children with a ‘house parent’ in each home.

Health and Nutrition: Nutritious meals essential to a child’s development will be provided in a central cafeteria. All children will receive regular medical and oral hygiene exams and receive age appropriate vaccinations.

Education: The children will attend the local community schools from preschool to “Primer Curso” (9th grade) or to a level appropriate for each child’s aptitude and ability. Upon completion of their primary education, each child will enter one of the following programs:
Apprenticeship program with a local tradesman, farmer, or small business owner

  • Enrollment in a technical school
  • Enrollment in a Bachelor Degree program

Emotional Needs (love, security, and value): The family structure with minimal staff turnover is designed to provide a loving and secure environment for the children. Psychological counseling and social work services will be provided as needed.

Spiritual Development: The children will participate in family devotionals, will learn Christian values and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and attend Sunday services at a local church.

Recreation: The children will be provided daily free play and occasional field trips to nearby locations. Within the property, the children will also be taught how to cultivate and grow produce, as well as learn respect for animals and the environment.

Construction Goals

Deep well/Delivery system:  With the assistance of Rotary International, Tranquilidad now has a deep well that will provide potable water for the facilities.

Electricity:  Purchase of a transformer and other necessary equipment now provides the property with electricity.  A back-up generator will be purchased to ensure power during the frequent outages.

Day care center: Once the duplex style homes are built, the original home is planned to be a day care center for needy families in Quimistan which will enable more parents to work and the older children to continue in school instead of babysitting.


Administration building/Home for the administrator

Library/Computer Lab/Recreation Room

See the diagram below.