Who We Are

The Need

The Municipality of Quimistan is located in the State of Santa Barbara in the NW section of Honduras and has a population of 38,000. (2012) The municipality has no current day care or children’s home. According to UNICEF, more than half the children living in the developing world are severely deprived of one or more of the goods and services essential to childhood. The developing country of Honduras ranks among the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere.

A recent UNICEF report states nearly two-thirds of the Honduran population still live below the poverty line. Poverty, illness, and a poorly supported criminal justice system are just a few of the reasons why Honduran children are orphaned, abandoned, forced into labor, sexually exploited, denied an education, and robbed of their innocence.

The state of Honduran families is a cause for great concern. Single-parent families are the majority. The Honduran government estimates 75% of registered births have only one parent listed on the birth certificate. Infidelity in marriage is commonplace and many Honduran men skip the formality of marriage all together, thereby making it easier for them to abandon their children. The mothers of these children have no legal means with which to force the fathers to take financial responsibility. They’re simply left to care for them on their own.  And when it gets too hard or she has too many children, who will help?

Tranquilidad Foundation will help those located in or near the municipality of Quimistan.

The Call

Sam and Roxanne Turnipseed began their relationship with the people of Honduras when Sam, along with a small group from their local church, traveled to Quimistan, Honduras in response to the devastation by Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

From that initial 1999 trip, mission efforts in Honduras grew into an ecumenical collaboration that included various churches and civic groups throughout the southeast. Rapid growth and participation by diverse organizations necessitated the establishment of a separate non-profit foundation to manage the future work. During the Turnipseed’s participation on this board and 12 years of biannual trips for short term mission work in the Quimistan Valley of Honduras, God called them to become full time missionaries to the homeless, neglected and abused children and youth of the Valley.

Following their retirement, in December of 2010, the Turnipseeds purchased 13.5 acres of land in Quimistan, Santa Barbara, Honduras. By May 2011, Tranquilidad Foundation had registered as a non-profit cooperation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 in the US. The Foundation is also recognized as a legal ONG (non-government organization) in Honduras.


Board of Directors