Roy Bassett


Growing up as the son of a Methodist minister meant Roy spent his formative years moving around among mostly small towns in central Texas.  Adapting to a new school every few years imbued Roy with an innate ability to make friends quickly and relate to a variety of different people.  These traits would serve him well in future years.

Roy graduate from Texas Tech University with a degree in Communications.  He began his career with the Lubbock Police Department in the fall of 1986. Over the course of 32 years, Roy served in nearly every capacity on the force and rose to the rank of Captain/Deputy Chief. In January of 2019, Roy retired from the LPD and was named as the Chief of Police for the Friendship ISD Police Department. 

Roy has been married for 23 years to his very patient wife Jennifer.  They have raised four great kids, Matt, Troy, Meranda, and Callie.  Two wonderful daughters-in-law have joined their family and in March, Roy and Jennifer ecstatically welcomed their first grandchild, Ada Jewel.

God and the church have been at the center of Roy's life since his birth and he and Jennifer put them at the center of their children's lives.  In 2015, Roy was blessed to accompany the first group from FUMC Lubbock to travel to Honduras and TQ.  Roy fell in love with the country and the mission, having been back twice more and looking forward to going again at some point.  Roy was both surprised and honored to be asked to serve on the board and eagerly accepted.