Jason Eckert


Jason is a Technology Specialist for the United States Department of Agriculture in Lubbock TX.  He graduated from Texas Tech University with a Degree in Wildlife Biology in 2001. 

 He lives in Lubbock with his wife Lindsay and two sons Joshua and Liam.  He has been a member of First United Methodist Church in Lubbock since 2006. 

Jason believes God has called him to use his gifts to help others through missions.  Jason has served on the FUMC missions committee for 3 years.  This calling led him to join FUMC in mission trips to Honduras and Tranquilidad in 2017 and 2019.  Immediately, Jason was drawn to the people of Honduras and especially the children and workers at TQ.  “Their faith, kindness, and joy is contagious.  It puts my life in perspective and helps keep me balanced.”