A Psalm

When King David felt overwhelmed, discouraged, challenged, victorious, he wrote a psalm to His Lord.

Following in the pattern of King David, I boldly write:

Come, Lord Jesus come

            to this parched and dry land.

May your spirit reign down upon us

            in our time of despair.

May you send us rain to replenish the rivers that are dry,

            to irrigate the crops that were planted in hope.

May the underground aquifers be restored to provide water to a

            thirsty people who have no water on a daily basis.

Come, Lord Jesus come

             to a people without work; without hope of work;

            to a country built upon corruption.

 Come, Lord Jesus come

            so that each may know your name,

            know the hope they have in you and only you.

Restore each individual, each family to a plan of commitment to you.

Give us your courage, your strength to withstand the prince of this world

            who seeks to undermine, create confusion and despair.

Come, Lord Jesus come

            You alone are our hope, our salvation, our stronghold. 

            You alone are stronger than who is in this world.

In our weakness, we are made strong!

Come Lord Jesus, Come!

Amen y amen.