“God loves you.” “But I don’t love Him.”

This morning as I was talking with our 4-year-old about Jesus’ birthday celebration in one week, I told him that God loves him very much.  He shook his head ‘no’. I told him that ‘Yes, God does love you very much and that is why Jesus was born.”. He then said to me, “But I don’t love Him.”   I told him that it was okay because God loved him even if he doesn’t love God because God first loves us.

How many of us are honest enough to say what we truly feel about God?  The innocence of a young age allowed him to tell me his true heart and I understand it because his family of 8 was murdered last year and he was orphaned. He can’t understand why if God loves him, He allowed this to happen.  I told him that I can understand why he might be mad at God or not have trust in Him because of what happened to his family. But I told him that God saved him from death and brought him to be our first child to live with us at Tranquilidad and that I hope and pray one day, he will learn to love God. And that I love him and thank God for him.

One year into creating a home for, to date, five children, I am reminded of the eternal ramifications of our journey here.  Yes, with the help of donors, we are able to provide a secure, safe home full of love; where there is no hunger or want; where they are healthy and developing normally. This is great but it is not enough.

I am reminded of my own brokenness and need for a Savior, and of my sin that required Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. You see it is not just this 4-year-old who doesn’t know God’s love but so many in the world.  We pass them on the streets or in the marketplace every day and/or possibly share a table with one. What are we doing about it?  How are we making an eternal difference in their lives?

We rejoice in this Advent season as we await Emmanuel (Christ with us). We perhaps become so busy with all the planning and purchasing that we forget why an innocent babe was born.

Join me in reflection: challenging yourself to look and listen for those who are hurting and lonely especially during this time of year.  Think of who in your neighborhood that has no family you can invite to your table. Or the family who may need food to put on their table with which to celebrate. Look and listen and then act!  Make an eternal difference in someone’s life this season.  I thank God that Joseph, Mary and Jesus each played their role in my salvation.

I am trusting that God will help me show His love to these little ones so that they will all know how much He loves them. That is the reason we came to this country.  “More of you Lord Jesus and less of me! O ‘ come, O’ come Emmanuel!”

Amen y Amen.